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Clarification on SaferOptics UV 420 Lenses


Recently, we have been made aware that there's been complaints of parents purchasing blue light glasses from online sellers that claim to have UV420 filter. It is claimed that the UV420 items as sold by 'online stores' are not real lenses but fake 'plastic' that is not suitable for children.

SaferOptics would like to clarify that our company manufactures and markets genuine, high quality UV 420 optical grade lenses that are not only ISO and FDA certified, but come with our proprietary Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective Coating which are developed pair-by-pair in-house, locally at our laboratory.

Each pair of SaferOptics eyewear is custom made to order - from lens production processes (including State-of-the-Art Multi Layer Thin Film Coating Application Technologies), to high precision lens glazing - scan, cut, trim and fit into the frames. Then, it goes through a strict quality control procedure - adjustment, surface checking, cleaning and disinfection before it is packed securely and shipped to you.

A lot of workmanship, labour and skill goes into producing each of our eyewear pieces and we are proud to be Made Locally.

We operate an independent manufacturing laboratory with over 30+ years supplying and working closely with eye care professionals, optometrists and industrial safety corporate clients. Our company is registered and in compliance with KKM (Ministry of Health) and MOC (Malaysian Optical Council) to supply safe and regulated eye care products.

We urge consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing items from online sellers, especially when it relates to children's eye health. Always check the origin of the product manufactured.

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