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Blue Light Glasses

Intelligently adaptive to your lifestyle, SaferOptics anti blue light glasses protect your eyes by blocking harmful UV and blue ray light in style.

UV 400 Protection
100% UV Protection with Anti-Glare
High Energy Visible Light 420 Protection
Filters harmful blue light from screens
Protect from eye strain
Helps reduce eye strain & fatigue
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Anti Blue Light Eyewear

Blue light blocking glasses for adults

SaferOptics anti blue light glasses for adults. Customize your own computer glasses online with prescription, reading or zero power blue light protection lenses. Each pair of eyewear comes with premium UV 420 digital blue ray filter to block harmful high energy visible light (HEVL) from screens and digital devices. Women, men and teens unisex spectacles frames are crafted with high quality durable materials and comfortable fit.

Order Safer Optics blue light blocking screen glasses online — your must-have work, gaming and study essential companion for better and healthier vision. Enjoy free delivery in Malaysia on orders above RM120.

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