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420 Basic vs 420 Safety

Features420 Basic420 Safety
Lens materialPlastic (Optical Grade Resin)PC Safety (Optical Grade Polycarbonate)
Lens index1.561.59
Anti-Break Safety Material
Anti-break, Shatter-proof Safety Material
FDA Approved High Impact Resistance Safety Lenses
FDA Approved High Impact Resistance

30% lighter
Anti-reflective Blue Coating
Anti-reflective blue light filter
UV 400 Protection
UV 400 Protection
High Energy Visible Light 420 Protection
High Energy Visible Light 420nm Protection with Anti-Glare
Smooth, Easy-Clean surface
Smooth, Easy-Clean Surface
Super Hydrophobic Water Resistance
Super Hydrophobic - Water Resistance
Anti Dust
Anti Dust / Dust-repellent
Scratch Resistance
Scratch Resistance

420 Basic Lenses (Plastic)

Lens features: Anti-reflective, anti-glare coating, UV and High Energy Visible light (HEVL) protection up to 420 nm wavelength, the latest generation blue blocking lens properties without yellowish colour/tint.

420 PC Safety (Shatter Proof)

All features in 420 Basic, made with Anti-Break, Shatter-Proof and Unbreakable safety lens material. FDA certified for High Impact Resistance. The ultimate safety lens option to protect eyes, especially for children. Extra lightweight - 30% lighter than regular plastic lenses.

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