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Kids' Anti Blue Light Glasses Benefits

“Our kids are the apple of our eyes”, so isn’t that our duty to care for their eyes. In this digital era, children are highly stuck to electronic devices more than before. The world has changed completely for our children’s betterment but vices are accompanying it too. There are many positive as well as negative consequences of the use of electronic gadgets. The screen time of laptops, e-books, LED lights, Television, computers, tablets, mobiles, and other electronic devices are set up and must be limited according to the children’s age.

But the fact is it has become even more difficult to control kids as that’s the way of their life in this digital generation. We cannot call it a style statement or a luxury but it has become a necessity. Children have become highly dependent on mobiles, laptops, computers, and other electronic devices emitting blue light which can be harmful to their eyes. With every passing year, dependence on digital equipment or gadgets will go on increasing.

Effects of screen time on kids

Well, natural blue light is good for kid’s eyes but artificial blue light is too strong and can disturb their sleeping patterns at night too. Blue light in adequate quantity is important for the overall health of our body in the way it keeps us energetic, vigilantly attentive improves memory and cognitive abilities, body’s sleep-wake cycle, develops eyes, cures myopia, and treats SAD and so on. Almost no or very less exposure to blue light is not recommended.

Blue light is in abundance naturally coming from the sun which turns to be beneficial if exposed in limitation, but with overuse and increased proximity of electronic gadgets, brighter, shorter-wavelength light turns harmful for eyes after a while. A lot of energy is produced affecting the eye lens and cornea.

Effects of the Pandemic on Kids

With the outbreak of COVID-19, almost 90% of the children are glued to mobile or laptop screens either for online schools, online tuitions, online play, online movies, or entertainment. It’s rather unfortunate the new generation is exposed to blue light beyond limits, and these can have damaging side effects on the eyes and the overall health.

Some of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain in Kids are headaches, dark circles on eyes, dry eyes, poor vision, temporary defects in vision, pain in neck and shoulders, fatigue, etc. Computer vision syndrome doesn’t cause any serious temporary damage to the eyes. The causes of computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain are mentioned below:-

  • Watching on screens keeping less viewing distances and angles.
  • Watching in darker rooms, at night, in dim light.
  • No proper posture.
  • Watching for longer duration

Blue light glasses protect eyes during screen time

Can Blue Light Glasses protect our eyes?

The only solution to protect eyes from blue light is wearing anti-blue light glasses while using electronic gadgets. Now let’s understand the science behind using anti-blue light glasses and if that really works out. The blue light glasses are made in such a way that the lenses absorb or filter the blue harmful light.

Though the claim that blue light is absorbed by the anti-blue light glasses is not completely beneficial, it surely helps to some extent. The quality of anti-blue light glasses matters in reducing eye-strain caused by the high use of electronic devices. Headaches, decreased eye-sight, the strain on eyes are some of the common symptoms of the regular use of digital electronic devices.

The lenses of such glasses filters and protect eyes from blue light. The eye discomfort is the result of prolonged working or watching a computer /laptop or mobile screen. Using anti-blue light glasses alleviates the eye discomfort.

Evidence as to whether anti-blue light glasses really work or not for eyes, kids anti-blue glasses are now in high demand and trending in the market. Many affordable and reasonable anti-blue light eyeglasses are available online on Malaysian and Singaporean websites. Safer Optics is a trusted brand for shopping blue light glasses online.

Investing in such eyecare items will surely help kids and is worthwhile. It makes eyes feel comfortable wearing it and watching the screen, rather than with naked eyes. Though good eating habits induced with minerals and vitamins benefit eyes and health internally, it’s the parent’s responsibility to take care of their eyes externally as well.

Benefits of wearing anti-blue light glasses

Glasses are mostly and specially designed for protecting eyes from UV rays and blue light. The sleep-wake cycle is maintained by blue light but it should be in limits. Sunlight is the main source but unfortunately, it has become a kid's and adults' necessity or says, past time to spend more hours on smartphones or electronic devices emitting blue light. Hence it is important to wear anti-blue light glasses for kids when they are exposed to screen to reduce digital eye strain.

Blue Light Affects Sleep Patterns

According to scientists and researchers, the blue light emitted from smartphones, laptops or computers affects the sleep hormone melatonin. There is a direct relation between melatonin and sleep. It improves sleeping patterns and facilitates good sound relaxing sleep. Wearing anti-blue light glasses has increased melatonin production levels.

Melatonin production is controlled by less blue light exposure. The daily circadian rhythm of the body is controlled by this hormone. Melatonin decreases when the body is exposed to sunlight while it is released in the body after the dusk. But when computers, laptops, or mobile screens are watched out of limit during night time, there occurs disturbance in the melatonin levels, thus affecting the natural sleep-wake cycle. Hence wearing anti-blue light glasses protects eyes from digital strain on eyes ensuring sound and undisturbed sleep in kids. Sleep is one of the most significant necessities in growing children as sleep deprivation causes many other health ailments.

Prevent the Harmful Effects of Blue Light

Children are at their growing stage and overexposure turns to be harmful. They are more prone to the risk of suffering macular degenerations and retinal degenerative diseases. It can further aggravate the case giving a complete loss of vision and eye damage. Wearing anti-blue light glasses helps gives lots of other benefits such as curing eye problems.

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