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Does My Child Need Glasses

How to know if your child needs glasses?

As a parent or guardian, at some point, we would be concerned whether our child has eye sight problems. This issue normally arises when teachers inform us that they were not paying attention in class, or have made some mistakes while copying from the whiteboard / blackboard. Sometimes, the child would voice out that he/she could not see something clearly.

Here are a few points to note when you suspect that your child needs vision correction:

Little girl pointing to ABC — SaferOptics

1. Does your child experience difficulty in seeing from a distance?

Point out to a sign or notice from at least 6 feet away (or across the room) and ask your child to read it out. Check whether they are correct. If your child does not know how to read yet, you can point out to objects, shapes or colours and ask them what they can see.

Small boy watching television — SaferOptics

2. Does your child come closer to the TV?

If your child tends to watch television at a close distance, this might be a sign that he/she has difficulty to see what's going on the screen. Always keep a good distance when viewing large screens. LED and LCD display screens emit a great amount of light glare from fast moving images which causes eye fatigue.

SaferOptics is designed to filter out screen glare from blue light-emitting digital devices.

Little girl rub eyes colouring — SaferOptics

3. Does your child blink or rub eyes more frequently?

Frequent blinking could be a sign of dry eyes, while rubbing eyes could mean that they are experiencing eye fatigue and discomfort. These may also indicate that vision correction is needed.

Unhappy disinterested boy student — SaferOptics

4. Does your child seem disinterested / not focused in learning or activities?

Although this could be caused by various different factors, visual problems might be one of them. If your child is falling behind with his/her lessons, it is a good idea to get an eye examination to rule out the possibility of vision problems.

We recommend you to bring your child for regular eye examinations to keep their eye health in check.

Getting an eye examination

SaferOptics is partnering with eye care professionals (Optometrists and eye doctors) across Malaysia that provide primary eye examinations for children.

Send us a message via WhatsApp or Live Chat to find a partner store near you.

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