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Kids' Anti Blue Light Glasses Benefits

“Our kids are the apple of our eyes”, so isn’t that our duty to care for their eyes. In this digital era, children are highly stuck to electronic devices more...

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Clarification on SaferOptics UV 420 Lenses

Recently, we have been made aware that there's been complaints of parents purchasing blue light glasses from online sellers that claim to have UV420 filter. It is claimed that the...

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How SaferOptics Saved My Daughter's Vision

As a mom, I was quite skeptical at first. Would these glasses cause harm to my girl's eyes? 👀 As those old aunties say, "Kids shouldn't wear glasses because it...

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Does My Child Need Glasses

How to know if your child needs glasses? As a parent or guardian, at some point, we would be concerned whether our child has eye sight problems. This issue normally...

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